Secure Infrastructure for Smooth Online Collaboration

The up-to-date services offered by virtual room developers are gaining more and more fans every year. Their choice is obvious because only such software can create a virtual space for a team with all online collaborative tools and processes. 

More and more business representatives are beginning to realize the importance of virtual storage. This can be seen in the statistics of companies that choose to use VDR to maintain their secure infrastructure. 

The main factors that contribute to the popularization of virtual storage services are a proper security system and a focus on user comfort. And so, as setting up a data room is aimed at improving the organization of the process, few people understand what important aspects lie beyond this practical plan. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at what tools developers use to achieve such a high level of security and user convenience.

Security Features of VDR Infrastructure

The vast majority of users who were deciding whether to purchase virtual storage services asked themselves the question: “What is unique about this software for my company?”. And one of these unique offers is an adequate level of security.

Cloud infrastructure literally exists on the network, where maximum availability and convenience of network use are key. However, to protect confidential customer files with proper privacy, developers pay careful attention to the security parameters. For this purpose, operators can use several tools:

  • Special technologies for data encryption from third-party manipulation.
  • Full access controls over the rights of other users. Only a certain circle of administrators will have all the access control capabilities, so only they can change the access rights of other visitors.
  • Multifactor authentication when entering the virtual storage.
  • Temporary viewing rights for a specified period. 
  • Dynamic watermarks for secure file sharing.
  • Advanced fence view functions and more.

In addition, the platform must be certified by special independent organizations. These can be ISO certificates, EY audits, compliance with SOC2 requirements, etc. In this case, the combination of several levels of protection will be an advantage. 

For example, the popular virtual room developer IDeals uses all of the above security tools, and in addition, offers backup and disaster recovery, IP address restrictions, and reporting logs. All this helps not only to protect files from prying eyes, but also to track changes made to a specific document by a specific user.

VDR User-Friendly Tools and Interface

It is difficult to list all the advantages of virtual storage in one go. However, the main thing will be the qualitative optimization of communication in the board of directors and the automation of operational processes. After all, constant work with papers is very exhausting and time-consuming. For large, fast-paced corporations, it’s important to be able to allocate time to tasks that will maximize impact.

Such tech integration of high-quality software that meets the needs and expectations of the client allows you to conveniently set up a virtual room for work from anywhere in the world. To keep the customer’s attention on his or her virtual storage, the developer pays special attention to the user-friendliness of the interface. It is completely designed to meet the needs of the user. 

In addition, all the internal content has intuitive tools that are placed in separate categories in a logical order. Thus, the client can carry out user activity monitoring in a few clicks. In such a virtual space, data is not just easier to store, because the client can choose the appropriate tariff depending on where all the information is located. It will also facilitate streamlined collaboration and help keep all important information, including confidential files, in one repository that can be accessed only by a certain number of people with user rights.

Beyond Security

You can learn more about the capabilities and features of virtual data rooms, interesting implementation practices in companies from various industries, and the best cooperation stories in other materials on the site. 

However, we can already draw a conclusion – virtual data rooms are a convenient modern tool for establishing cooperation, which was specially developed for the needs and comfort of the user. This means that it minimizes the occurrence of problems or difficulties in the process of use. 

We can safely assume that the scope and practice of using virtual data rooms will only increase in the future. So it’s time to expand your knowledge and awareness of their technical capabilities.